About us

Aspirations are carried by most and executed only by some. The co-founders of Hail Satan,  Jalee, John Salimie and The KILAS, fit comfortably in the latter. Some would call it a long time coming, some might just write it off as a compulsive indulgence, but after much deliberation, Hail Satan has finally come through. With an agenda that doesn’t reflect its name, the co-founders found it a necessity to provide the audience here , if not themselves, an alternative channel to turn on to.
This stance could be seen in the eclectic selection available via its music distribution. Same approaches have also been taken in the plans the duo has in releasing music on a limited, vinyl-only basis.
Hail Satan’s range doesn’t just end on the aural spectrum. Being visual art practitioners themselves, the imprint also extends as a visual engine providing promotional and merchandising solutions for artistes.
What makes this imprint rather endearing (albeit potentially incursive to some) is it’s conviction to good art and the best practices that complement it. Rather idealistic one might add, but it’s something that is sorely missed in an environment as sterile as ours.

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